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Comic-Con 2019: Convention Floor Photos

We’ve got so many pics from the floor this year we’re breaking it up into 2 posts. This one is for Booths, tomorrows will be for Toys and Collectibles


This Week’s Radio Show: Suicide Squad and Much More!

On the radio show this week we review Suicide Squad. We also discuss movies we really enjoy even though they’re not very good, Jokers from the live action films, and what video games we’d love to see remastered for new consoles.


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WonderCon 2016 Cosplay



Comikaze 2015 Sunday Photos

Amazing cosplay photos from the last day of Comikaze 2015.
(To see our photos from Saturday CLICK HERE!)

CLICK HERE to see our photos from Saturday at Comikaze 2015!

Comikaze 2015: Saturday Pictures

Cosplayers at LA’s Comikaze 2015 brought it hard this year with amazing DC, Marvel, Mad Max, Fallout and much more rad cosplay! (To see our photos from Sunday CLICK HERE!)

CLICK HERE to check out our photos from Sunday at Comikaze 2015!

Tattoo’s of Long Beach Comic-Con 2015

Cosplay is a great way to show your geeky side, but nothing is more hardcore than showing your true love of fiction with an amazing tattoo. Here’s some of the great ink we saw at Long Beach Comic Con 2015.


He told us that Kevin Eastman freehand drew that Shredder and Splinter on his leg, and those are the signatures of all the living Doctors!

He joked that he got the Mickey Jedi tattoo way before Disney owned Star Wars… prophetic tattoos!

Right next to the close up of the Undertow Vigor syringe there’s a tattoo of an Eve Hypo.

Luna fits in quite well with Pokemon Cubone and Vaporeon

Love these DC Tattoos, bummed out I cut off the Joker next to Harley.

Thanks to all the awesome canvases who let us document their art!

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