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Comikaze 2015: Saturday Pictures

Cosplayers at LA’s Comikaze 2015 brought it hard this year with amazing DC, Marvel, Mad Max, Fallout and much more rad cosplay! (To see our photos from Sunday CLICK HERE!)

CLICK HERE to check out our photos from Sunday at Comikaze 2015!

Attack on Titan Live Action World Premiere!!

We we’re lucky enough to be some of the select few people to see the Attack on Titan Live Action movie for the first time at the World Premiere at The Egyptian in Hollywood on July 14. Check out the pictures on the red carpet and watch our review of the movie (plus spoilers) on Anime Vice!


Colossal Titan running amok at the front gate

Japanese cast members Haruma Miura (Eren) & Kiko Mizuhara (Mikasa) with Director Shinji Higuchi

Movie posters outside of The Egyptian

After Party!


Our Anime Vice Review

Phoenix Comicon Photos Day 1

We had a great time at Phoenix Comicon on Friday! Here are a few of the photos we got while we were there:

Looks like Batman has been busy cleaning up Gotham!

Gohan is ready to fight!

Watch out Thor! The Enchantress is up to no good.

Warhammer 40000

Slimer is making a mess at Phoenix Comicon!

So that’s what Boba Fett looks like under his armor (No wonder Boba Fett became so mysteriously popular)!

Some Soul Eater kids from Death City showed up at the Phoenix Comicon

The Black Swan teaches Princess Peach some dance moves.

We choose you, Pikachu!

Zombie Walk!

Be sure to check back, we’ll be putting more photos up soon!

WonderCon 2012: More Photos

Watch out heroes, the Joker is sneaking up behind you!

Canti’s appearance at WonderCon left Naota with a splitting headache!

Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine protect WonderCon from a zombie attack!

Luckily when X-23 was cloned from Wolverine’s DNA they left out the “excessively hairy” gene.

The Ice King is stopped by a double Finn attack while Bane tries to get away.

I don’t remember Jayne being so pretty when Firefly was on TV.

Jill Valentine fends off an attacking zombie!

3 Doctors and River Song?  Is this one of those wibbly wobbly, time-y wimey things?

Who needs Batman with a badass fighting pose like this!

Claire and Jill pose after they dealt with that pesky zombie.

Lady Deathstrike, Deadpool, and Wolverine battle their way out of WonderCon.

Arale borrowed Goku’s Flying Nimbus to visit WonderCon.

After Bane paralyzed Batman, he came to the sad realization that all he had left to break were windows.

Charlie Brown and Lucy get ready to play some football.

Don’t kill me, I swear I’m not a zombie (or a survivor of the Raccoon City outbreak)!

Ryu is looking to cross paths with on of those Tekken troublemakers

Counselor Troi and Commander Riker’s flirting at WonderCon is an HR nightmare for Starfleet.

Jill Valentine understandably mistakes Dave for the undead.

We’ve got more pictures and coverage of WonderCon 2012 that we’re working on getting up so keep checking back and keep an eye out for the full album!

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WonderCon 2012: Day 2 Photos – Part 2

Batman and Batgirl pose before breaking it to Robin that he needs to move out of Wayne Manor.

Jill Valentine searches WonderCon for Chris.

These out of control kids now a days with their crazy Zelda: Twilight Princess cosplay!

Hiroshi Matsuyama, President of CyberConnect2, doesn’t just make Naruto games, he’s also a Naruto cosplayer!

This is how the CW should do a Green Arrow/Green Lantern show!

Fantomex and Archangel bring the X-Force to WonderCon!

Swing away, Hawkgirl!

Cheetah and Daredevil make for a very strange Marvel/DC crossover.

Happy Hunger Games!

It looks like Joker and Harley Quinn just robbed WonderCon!

This Spartan keeps WonderCon safe from a Flood of evil aliens.

The Justice League trains a new generation of heroes.

James Gunn should write every video game! (Lollipop Chainsaw)

Watch out for Mortal Kombat‘s Mileena.      Cosplayer Rosanna Rocha

Wasp and Robin show us how well Marvel and DC work together.

Dr. Doom seems to be playing some kind of WonderCon drinking game (maybe every time you see Dr. Who cosplay take a drink?)

This is what happens when the men of the Justice League lose a bet!

We’ve got more pictures and coverage of WonderCon 2012 that we’re working on getting up so keep checking back and keep an eye out for the full album!

WonderCon 2012: Day 2 Photos

The Legion of Doom shot the Justice League with a Gender-Reverso Ray!

Come on Snowy, it’s time for a WonderCon adventure!

I’m a FAN of Mortal Kombat‘s Kitana!

Celty and Shizuo looked so cool at WonderCon we almost lost our heads!

For hearts long lost and full of fright, For those alone in blackest night, Accept our ring and join our fight, Love conquers all – with violet light!

Even Chewbacca was Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

Looks like Hawkman and Hawkgirl traded costumes.

Batman and Batgirl protect the doors of WonderCon!

Sasori and his Kazekage puppet search WonderCon for jinchuriki.

Don’t shoot Cable! We just want your photo!

Chris and Jill keep the zombies away from WonderCon.

Wonder Woman at WonderCon is Wonderful!

Black Widow and Nick Fury representing for the Avengers.

World of Warcraft‘s Arthas.

Buffy had better watch out, Vampire Willow teamed up with Lyle Gorch!

Check out the Green Lantern in the back photobombing this Green Lantern photo.

Where can I find the Halo/Adventure Time crossover game?

We’ve got more pictures and coverage of WonderCon 2012 that we’re working on getting up so keep checking back and keep an eye out for the full album!