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Comic-Con 2019: Toys and Collectibles Photos!

Toys and Stuff! This is some of our favorite things here at Comic-Con! Fair warning, the order of this gallery is not in order per booth, so Sideshow, Neca, Hasbro etc. are all mixed together, not separated into categories. Enjoy!

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Comic Con 2018 Convention Floor and TOYS!!!

Here’s a few photos of the convention floor

Now gaze at the Wonderful Treasures of Comic-Con!!! Where do they get all these wonderful toys?!?!?!?!

Guardians of the Galaxy Bios

Over a year ago we started preparing you for Guardians of the Galaxy by making videos to provide a little background on some of the main members of the team. The movie is finally out and it is AWESOME! If you haven’t seen our character bios (based on the comic book histories) yet you can check them out on the playlist above and learn more about this crazy team from the Marvel universe.